Things are good and its just nice, everything definitely felt like crap a few weeks ago but I know who really cares about me now and that I’m capable of picking things up on my own as best as I can and things are just going to keep on looking up from here.

I’m kind of genuinely excited about this year. Since I haven’t been on much in a while here’s a few updates!

I gradated so yay! I still need to get my $2100 half of tuition paid off before I get my diploma but I’m all done with classes which is a super good feeling, so glad to be finally done. 

I’m still working at Younker’s but I’m definitely looking at getting a full-time, better paying job soon. I just applied at a bunch of places so I hope to hear back from someone soon, the seasonal period for Younker’s is over the 14th or 15th this month so having something lined up for after that would be great. 

I finally met my boyfriend’s family which was a lot of fun, we went out to Montana to a house they own in West Yellowstone and did lots of things. It turns out I hate rich people activities like skiing and snow mobile-ing, at least until I get good at them I suppose. Other than that it was really nice to get away after finishing school and just having a nice break from life and not worrying about much! 

Things are going super well with the boyfriend also, I don’t think I’ve ever been happier with someone. I could go on an on but it’ll get super gay so I’ll hold off for right now. 

I think that’s all that’s really happened lately. I’m excited to get back to my pets and sister and Selina and see how this year turns out. Last year had a lot of downs definitely and a lot of stress but there were quite a few great things that happened too that got me through it. I really saw how much people care about me and how far they were willing to go to help me out when I needed it and I really hope this year I can start returning it and showing how much it all meant. 

I might be able to get a job at the Bobbi Brown cosmetic counter, it’d be in a different mall a little further away but the pay would be better and I’d have a full time opportunity after I graduate if I got it. I wasn’t expecting to get a call back so soon but since I’m an internal applicant through Younker’s I kind of get first dibs it sounds like and I just have to talk to my HR and let them know that I applied there and can proceed from there.

I think I’d have quite a bit of fun working there since I’m already interested in make-up and most make-up counters give you ridiculous amounts of gratis for their products, so free, nice make-up and lots of it! I’ll just have to cross my fingers that this works out, then I won’t really even have to worry about getting another job after this semester because I it should be enough pay that I can start paying on loans and not be under tons of stress, at least I hope!

I’m a little sad because I’m starting to get comfortable and like a few of the people I work with but my first option for working was always wanting to work at one of the make-up counters anyways and now I have an actual opportunity to do so. Ugh, I’m excited and I super hope this all works out for me. 

I keep on getting the realization that this is actually real and happening and get upset all over again and I just need to stay as positive as possible because that’s all I can really do at this point.

Any good thoughts or prayers sent my mom’s way would be appreciated.

Okay, things will actually get better from here on riiight?

I found out UPS lost my parts for my car that was supposed to be done today so it’ll be another 2-3 days til thats done.

My bike broke on my way to work today, I was 2 miles from my place, 5 miles from work. I sat and tried to fix it for about 20 minutes, the gear shifter snapped after a few attempts at riding it after i got the chain back on, tried to get a ride but everyone I know here was busy, had myself a good pity party on the side of the road, then walked 5 miles to work after I found a place to chain my bike up. I was an hour and a half late but I still went and if that’s not motivated then I don’t know what is.
Plus I burned about 640 calories so even though it really sucked I got a good benefit out of it. I also got a $10 giftcard for getting one redcard today, so that kind of makes up for being so late. I’m glad even though this past week had been really rough on me I can still stay somewhat positive. I’m really looking forward to this weekend where I get to see a lot of people i haven’t seen since before Christmas for Pride, my main excitement is seeing Selina. It’ll be a good weekend reward for a crappy few weeks.

I just remembered that final grades come in tomorrow and I’m kind of dreading looking at them. Lets hope I at least passed the class I needed to graduate or I get to go back in the fall for one more. Just ugh. It kind of sucks because here everyone is graduating and I’m just hoping I passed a class.
I wish a lot of things hasn’t been so shitty this past year and that I could have handled them better, I could have been done last Dec.

I actually went running today because it was pretty goddamn nice out. I didn’t do too bad either, I’m a few minutes off from where I used to be but taking in account how much I’ve been sick, the fact I haven’t run outside in 3 months, plus I walked part of it because my asthma was a bit sucky, I’d say I did pretty damn good. I’m pretty excited to start getting back into shape and have my hot lady body come out. 

Ugh my water heater is broken so I showered at my friends place yester after calling my landlord and it still isn’t fixed. I’m so annoyed right now so I guess I get to shower at the gym today. I also have a fuckload of homework to do this week and I work every single night. I think I’m going to have to drop my women’s studies class because there was way more work than I was planning on and I can’t do that along with my work load in other classes and I have to pass everything or I don’t graduate and ugh. I am just getting so goddamn stressed I can’t even.

On the plus side I did havw a pretty decent weekend with my friends while I wasn’t working. They’re just a great group of people and it’s awesome that I fit in so well and feel so comfortable around everyone.



I know I’ve made posts like this before, but I want to make it again. I would not be the way that I am today if it wasn’t for my Samwise. The love and care and friendship that she first showed me when we were shithead 14 year old kids has never once wavered over the last 7 years. Her family welcomed me like I was one of their own kids and even today I can walk into her house and her mom and stepdad will pour me a drink and give me some food and have heart to hearts with me. We’ve fought and disagreed but it’s never once made us stop loving each other. She’s always the first one to do dumb shit with me, one of the first ones to congratulate me and encourage me, always there to help hold me up if I’m too drunk, always there to punch a stupid dick at a Say Anything show because he shoved me, and always the one to hug me and make me smile when I just want to cry. I have very few best friends and I love them all so dearly, but Sammy was always the first one. I love her stinking guts so terribly and I always will.

Ugh, I just watched the episode of HIMYM with Marshall’s dad funeral and just ugh. This week has really kind of hit me with losing people I think.

A guy that was pretty good friend’s with my sister and I was friends with in high school’s fiance died last week, he’s such a great guy and they have a kid together and just got engaged a couple of months ago, she even made a post on facebook about how she was so happy with her life a week before, and watching that that episode.

It just really makes me think about everything and at first I was honestly scared to ever get close to anyone because I was afraid of losing them and going through that kind of pain, but I realize I need to love the people important to me while I can because I don’t know when they’re not going to be there anymore. 

I got rehired as a regular team member at Target and yay. I was kind of worried because I didn’t want to have to look for another job after seasonal was up and yay.

Sleep time! I get to take 3 exams tomorrow and go pick up my car from the auto shop! The only thing that was wrong with it was the battery cables were shit and whoever changed the brakes before I owned it last didn’t change the rotors also, so ugh I’m so glad it wasn’t something major and super expensive again. So much less stress now. 

I feel kind of like an asshole but considering my neighbors dog literally barked from at least 6:20 this morning when I woke up, until just now (8:40 am) when she got home from class and the fact that this happens every single day, every single time she’s not home, I decided to call the police after talking to my landlord about it and have them talk to her.

I feel like since I gave her about a month since I left a note on her door to try to get him to stop barking or at least have the problem get better, that was more than enough time to hear some changes and there wasn’t anything. That and I’m pretty irritated considering it’s finals week and the dog was barking until around 2 last night even. 

Ugh, I’m just so annoyed with the situation and the fact that I finally resorted to getting the police to do something about it really shows how bad it is because it takes a lot to get me to call them.